How To View Instagram Stories Without An Account

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If you view someone’s Instagram stories, your name will appear in the list of people who have viewed them. But sometimes, for whatever reason, you might want to view stories anonymously. Luckily, there are some secret hacks you can try for this, depending on whether the person’s profile is private or public. Here’s how to view Instagram stories on your iPhone without you knowing.

How To View Instagram Stories Without An Account

How To View Instagram Stories Without An Account

Step 2. At the top you will see all the stories. (See the image below and then read this step to the end before you begin).

How To View Instagram Without An Account

There are two stories in the image: one is from the person whose story you want to see without informing them. The second story is from some other person whose story happens to be the following.

So listen to someone else’s story. Now tap immediately on the left side of the screen. You will see the timeline at the top stop moving.

Step 3. Now, without releasing the touch from the screen, very slowly start moving your finger towards the right side. Now you will start to see this person’s history.

Don’t leave your touch. When you’ve seen almost all of the other person’s story, swipe left and release the touch while on the other person’s story.

How To View Stories Anonymously On Instagram

What we did above is basically a look at history. You can’t see the full 100% story area, but you get a pretty decent look.

When you exit stories completely, you’ll see that the ring around that person’s profile picture is still colorful, further confirming that you haven’t officially viewed their story yet.

To view the story of a person whose Instagram account is public, follow the steps below.

How To View Instagram Stories Without An Account

Step 1. View and note the username of this account. (Tap and hold the person’s story thumbnail. A popup will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can see the full username here. You can also tap View Profile to see the full username).

View Instagram Stories Anonymously: How To View Ig Stories Without Logging Into The Account?

Step 2. In your browser (phone or computer), go to and enter your account username there and press search.

Step 3. Scroll down (previous highlights, etc.). You will see the history of the Instagram account. There is also a Save to Download button below the story. If the story has video, you’ll also see a Play/Pause button. If there is more than one story, you will see them all listed there.

This method is convenient if you want to see the history of the account that banned you (if the account is public).

This way, you can see the stories of private and public Instagram accounts without the person knowing. These were simple methods. But if you want to take things to a crazier level, another way is to create a “Finsta”, which means a fake Instagram account.

Ways To Watch Instagram Stories Without Anyone Knowing

Another equally crazy way is to view the story as usual and then immediately block that person. Do not unblock the person for the next 24 hours (the time the story remains visible). Also, if a story you’ve seen happens to be saved as a top story, it can stay online for a year. So if you unblock that account for the next year, they’ll know you’ve seen their story! I told you at the beginning that this is a crazy method!

You can also try using apps like Story Saver for Android. On iOS, such apps are usually removed once they gain some popularity.

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How To View Instagram Stories Without An Account

Suraj is a Digital Marketing Specialist in the iGB team. Contributes to social media section along with tips and tricks for iPhone, Apple Watch. Besides blogging, he likes to work out as much as possible at his gym and listen to retro music. Instagram makes it easy to view a public account without that person or company knowing, unless your finger accidentally slips and hits the like button on a post. Plus, if you’re careful, you can browse your account anonymously without anyone noticing — you just can’t do that with Instagram Stories.

How To View Instagram Stories Without An Account In 2022

Anyone who posts a story receives a viewer list where all the people who have seen it, friends or not, can see it. For 48 hours, an Instagram user can see if a family member, ex-lover or sworn enemy is sneaking their fleeting photos and videos from afar.

It’s a little embarrassing to be caught watching someone’s story that you probably shouldn’t be watching, so you have to do it anonymously. You could always use Finsta, but you have to create it first. Also, other people may have already linked you to your fake account, so this may not be a viable option.

The best way to see Instagram stories, posts and accounts without the creators knowing is to do it without an account. Available to use in your web browser, Stalkhub Instagram Viewer allows you to quickly find Instagram user accounts and view their stories anonymously on your iOS or Android device.

Go to using your web browser of choice. Below the search bar, you’ll see different categories that you can use to browse popular hashtags. If you’re looking for something more specific, enter a username, hashtag, or location in the search box and hit Search.

How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously Without Being Seen

Then, below the search bar, you’ll see tabs for “Users,” “Tags,” and “Locations.” Tap the one you want, scroll down to find the results and open the winner. Lots of ads so be warned. You can try an ad or content blocker if they’re bothering you too much, but generally it’s best to keep the ads to help fund the site.

You can also search by full name to find someone, but it won’t work if they don’t have their name on their profile (bio). Even if it does, using the full name will bring up a lot of results, so it’s best to use the username if you’re trying to find a specific account.

When you search for a specific user, you will be able to see their profile as long as the account is public. At the top you can see their profile picture, name, username, bio and the number of posts they have. It also shows how many followers the account has, as well as the users they follow, but you can’t browse those users.

How To View Instagram Stories Without An Account

If a user has posted recent stories, either recent or top, they will appear on the site in the middle of the page. Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the user’s story previews if they’ve posted more than a few.

How To Stalk Instagram Stories Without Anyone Knowing?

Instead of only being able to watch a story for a few seconds, you can watch any photos or videos that have been posted for as long as you want. Swipe left or right on the screen to scroll through stories in full screen mode. To watch the video, press the play button that appears if it doesn’t start automatically.

One of the best features that Stalkhub offers is the ability to download any story to your device. Just hit the blue “Download” button in the top right corner. On iOS, tap Download again on the popup and it will be saved to the Files app in Safari’s default Downloads folder. On Android, it should automatically download to your Downloads folder, accessible through any file manager.

Scroll down the page to see regular posts. Here, you can tap on a photo to view it without worrying about accidentally liking it. You will be able to see the caption, see the number of likes, check the publication date and read any comments. There is also another blue download button if you want to download the image or video to your device.

Stalkhub is just one of many sites that allow you to view Instagram photos, videos and stories without being noticed. They all work pretty much the same, so you can try them out and see if you like their interfaces better. Some you can try include Story Insta, Instagram Story Viewer and instastories to name a few.

How To Watch Someones Instagram Story Anonymously

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