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In my experience, the same traits that make health coaches good at health coaching (empathy, desire to help others) also make us less good at marketing and self-promotion. 😅

Tips Health Coaching

Tips Health Coaching

When I completed my Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and started building my health coaching business…I

Create Health Coaching Programs That Sell Youtube

“Feeling embarrassed and majestic, I certainly don’t want to impose my business, my ideas, or my services on anyone.

Fast forward a few years and I can tell you this: If you don’t market yourself effectively, you don’t have a business. (This is

Marketing your health coaching services clearly and effectively to your target audience is one of the most important aspects of growing a successful online health coaching business.

While networking and referrals can be a great option for local marketing and in-person business models, I’ve found this to be a more effective way to market online health coaching programs and services:

My Training — Jennifer Rhodes

Let’s talk about each step in this equation and how it all increases lead interest for your health coach or wellness business:

There are three main steps that work together to promote your health coaching business and build your target audience of interested leads: blogging (content creation), Pinterest (content marketing), and email marketing (email list growth and management). Here’s what you need to know about each step of the process:

Therefore, your first priority in marketing your wellness business is to develop blog content on topics relevant to your wellness coaching practice and area of ​​expertise.

Tips Health Coaching

If you’re an integrative health coach, you’ll want to include a variety of topics to demonstrate the scope of the field of work you do: nutrition, fitness, mindset, etc. If your practice focuses on weight loss or women’s health, you’ll want your blog content to focus exclusively on these areas.

Healthcare Marketing Tips & Digital Health Trends

It’s important that your blog content is directly relevant (and interesting!) to your target audience – you want to attract the “ideal customer” who will eventually buy the services of your business.

Your Health Coach’s Area of ​​Expertise! Especially anything related to health coaching services or health plans/products you offer.

The goal of your health blog is to create content that is highly relevant and useful to the exact population you want to offer and sell health coaching services to.

The number of blog posts required to start an effective content marketing strategy is not large (and, the optimal number for your specific needs will depend on the subject areas you will include in your blog, the length and level of detail of your posts, etc.  … …).

Health Coaching & Support

That said, for most new health coaches, starting with at least six basic blog posts for the next step should do the trick.

Aim for 1,000 – 1,500 words. Content that is long enough to be reliable and useful (and helps build meaningful SEO for your site), but easy enough to digest that your readers will get a call to action or choice after receiving your valuable content It won’t float away until it joins.

We are sure! This is a comprehensive article on how to attract the ideal health coaching clientele with your blog content.

Tips Health Coaching

OK, so you have at least six quality health-related posts to promote! The next step is to share them widely on Pinterest.

Embed Health Coaching In Your Team

Without a doubt, Pinterest is the best social platform for content marketing. It’s more of a visual search engine than a true social media network, and your content doesn’t disappear and become irrelevant over time – it’s actually seen and shared by more people (eg “pin”) it continues to grow and gain traction. their own network.

For new businesses, especially those in the health and wellness industry, it is an invaluable tool for increasing website traffic.

To start using Pinterest for content marketing, you need to sign up for a free Pinterest business account. This enables you to:

Once you have your Pinterest business account profile set up, the next step is to create pins that promote your health blog posts and add those pins (with strategic, keyword-rich descriptions) to relevant boards on Pinterest.

Health Coach Sally

For more details on each step of the process (and some helpful tips!), we have a whole post on using Pinterest to promote your health blog content. But all in all, here’s the gist of it:

Create branded pins to describe and promote each of your specific health blog posts. You need to design software for this – I recommend Canva, it’s very easy to use (and also has a free plan!). Aim to create 2-4 unique pins per blog post. You can see examples of our branded pins on our Pinterest account.

For each pin, write a descriptive, keyword-rich title. Instead of simply copying your blog post excerpt, which will pull in your enabled Rich Pin content, write additional text to accompany your Pin, describe its content, and help Pinterest’s algorithm rank it in search.

Tips Health Coaching

You can upload your pins directly from Pinterest…or you can use a scheduling tool that allows you to batch upload them while scheduling them to be posted at intervals (better from an efficiency and algorithmic standpoint). We use and recommend a Pinterest scheduling tool called Tailwind. Post your pins to relevant boards – including your own boards and any group boards you belong to.

Personalized Nutrition And Virtual Wellness Services

Voila! You now have pins, links to your blog posts, Pinterest and traffic to your health coaching website.

When you start sharing your health blog content through Pinterest, you’ll start getting more website traffic from it.

When new visitors come to your health coaching site from Pinterest (especially through blog posts you promote), make sure you have a way for them to “hang around” and continue to engage with your business. Aka, give them a chance (or,

In some cases, people will like your content so much that they want to sign up for your email list without any special offers. But usually, visitors may not be in a rush to join another email list, but they will be very interested in receiving the specific useful content you have to offer.

Coaching Session & Personalised Programs

) to encourage those visitors to stay longer and enjoy your valuable health content.

Once someone has signed up for your mailing list (yay!), there are a few other sections you need to prepare for them:

Your automatic welcome is an email that is automatically sent to new subscribers to confirm their subscription, welcome them to your list, let them know how soon they can hear from you, and more.

Tips Health Coaching

This is a great opportunity to highlight your specific health area and showcase your personality – both important factors in ultimately working with someone as a health coach.

Benefits Managers Can Help Health Coaching Find Its Niche

Participating in your email list is an important way to keep your audience informed of new content from your health blog and health coaching products. But most importantly: Sending helpful emails on a regular basis builds rapport with your audience – which is very helpful when you’re pitching them a $$$ coaching program.

Here’s how to create the perfect newsletter template for your business. It’s a good idea to keep in touch with your email subscribers by sending helpful and inspiring messages sometime between the week and the month—anything that works for you can help in keeping your subscribers updated and A comfortable balance of inspiration without overwhelming them with too many messages.

The content marketing strategy described above (blog + Pinterest + email marketing) allows you to leverage your existing health expertise to attract, build relationships with, and engage your ideal health coaching clients with your health coaching services.

Finally, as you take the time to engage and build relationships with your audience, you can start offering paid wellness coaching services relevant to their needs.

Health Coaching Templates For Social Media

It contains all the big pictures (and all the important little details!) needed to make your health coaching website shine. ✨Gyn Care 101: What You Need To Know About Your Gynecologist How Good Your Cardiometabolism Is – What Is That? Poison ivy: scratching like a hound? Accelerometer applications: Can technology improve cognition in older adults? Opioid addiction and overdose increasingly hurting black community New Harvard tool helps fact-check cancer claims Arthritis-induced hand pain? It can help polio: what parents need to know now Ketamine for treatment-resistant depression: when and where is it safe? Have lupus? What you need to know about birth control

In the fall of 2019, our hospital announced that it is looking for physicians willing to undergo intensive training to become certified health coaches. I jumped at the opportunity after working with patients who use coaches. Their experiences were almost universally positive: Many of them achieved otherwise elusive goals, such as weight loss that was appealed every year — but without results — as a New Year’s resolution. Who are some doctors I know

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