Tips Health Communication

Tips Health Communication – Good communication with experts in your field and beyond is an important factor. And it is close to my heart. Like many of you, I do this every day.

I was invited back to the Columbia University School of Public Health, and the Community Health Training Center in Region 2, to give another presentation. This was the second in a three-part series designed to introduce communication skills to leaders in government health departments. I use my method of building BRIDGES, which focuses specifically on multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Tips Health Communication

Tips Health Communication

In these lectures, articles, podcasts and workshops, I draw from my experience (mainly in the field of education), speaking to audiences in the health sector.

Best Practices For Using Visual Communication In Healthcare

It’s hard work. I like to think I’ve gotten better over time, but it might make me nauseous and have second thoughts.

This is not to say that when I was working in the education sector, everything was rain and shine. Much of what I’ve learned about interpersonal communication comes from decades of working—or trying to work—with colleagues.

I’ve been writing and podcasting about what I’ve learned, and what health professionals have shared with me, about some of the challenges we can face during communication.

This updated and expanded package of audiobook, e-book, and supplemental materials will help you address unconscious bias in your language as a health professional. Two hours of practical, culturally and linguistically relevant advice and research-based tools, in an intensive discussion format. All sales support this podcast series.

Top 5 Communication Skills And How To Improve Them

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